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The artwork you see displayed in this website is in private collections and is not for sale.

Disclaimer: I do not allow my work to be altered by anyone other than myself. If you have in any way aquired a Luvjeordie Studios customized, and or repainted model, or painted resin, you hereby agree **NOT TO ALTER MY WORK IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, or FORM**, unless alterations are agreed upon, and done by myself, or with my permission. I do repair, and retouch my own work if possible. If I can not, I will allow another professional repair artist to do so, as long as my original work is preserved. No one is allowed to strip down, and repaint any of my models. I do not sell unpainted, customized models unless by special circumstance. My painting is a copyrighted integrity and to remove my painting or alter my sculpture is a violation of that.


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