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LSQ or Not:
LSQ is a term meaning [Live Show Quality]. I never advertise or guarentee anything I do as LSQ (although a bunch of stuff I've done is) because it's nothing but a fancy salespitch used to sell models. LSQ is a matter of opinion and what one person may see as LSQ another may not. I've seen some of the most drop dead beautiful models photographed on a table with no ribbons at all next to a simply 'Ok' model with a Grand Champion ribbon. So in many cases it depends on the judge. Point is; ALL models are LSQ, unless you have a horse that has a completely nonexistant color pattern on it such as a red chestnut with black leg points, a dun with no dorsel stripe, or what you title a palomino with a black mane and tail. Those such things would simply disqualify you from entering certain classes. There is nothing that says you can't enter a public model show as long as you fit the catagory. Whether you win anything or not remains to be seen, but if you painted it, you can show it. And to promise something is "LSQ" or "Top LSQ" is totally unnesessary and pointless in my opinion because someone else out there may have a higher standard with regards to the term than you do...
    Included here are some simple tutorials on some of my work. I'm in no way an expert in any field of art. This is just simply...How I do it.
Eyes: How To...

Pastelling Dapple Greys: How To...

See "Israh El Storm" from start to finish

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Table of Contents
Page 1. Legs, Hooves, Ears, Muzzles, Eyes, Skeleton Anatomy, Mare Genitalia
Page 2. Braids, Chests, Rumps, Stallion Genitalia, Rearing, Bowing
Page 3. Laying Down, Grazing, Long Manes
Page 4. Bays, & Chestnuts
Page 5. Dappled Greys, & Dappled Non-Greys
Page 6. Champagne, Grulla, Palomino, Buckskin
Page 7. Necks, Pregnant Mares, Pulling/Plowing
Page 8. Typy Arabian Heads
Page 9. Brindles, Dapple Grey Paints, Cremello Paints, Roans
Page 10. Cremello, Perlino