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Casey and Summer Phoenix celebrate the birth of their second child.

Casey and Summer expecting second child. Casey Affleck confirms he and wife Summer Phoenix are expecting this winter. The couple already has a three year old son.

Casey Says "I Do": Casey Affleck and Summer Phoenix got married over the weekend. Congratulations from

Casey's screenplay picked up: Casey's animated screenplay has been picked up by Warner Bros. The film featuring the adventures of an animal family aboard noah's Ark,
makes the second film Casey has written having co-wrote gus van sant's indie hit Gerry.
Casey will be executive producer to the film entitled Aardvark Art's ark.

Casey's an uncle: Casey's brother Ben Affleck and wife Jennifer Garner welcomed a baby girl last night, Thursday, December 1, 2005.
Congratulation to the proud parents!

Buy Casey's Lunchbox: Casey and Summer have together hand-designed a lunchbox for a charity event hosted by Ebay.
They, along with other celebs including Joaquin Phoenix have designed and donated lunchboxes to be auctioned off on Ebay throughout the month.
One hundred percent of the proceeds will go to Food Bank Ny & The Lunchbox Fund which aids in children's lunch programs. For more informaton you can go to
To bid on Casey and Summer's hand created autographed lunchbox creation yourself, go to Ebay and search seller name foodbankny

Casey Siting: Casey attended the Los Angeles premier of The Brothers Grimm along with Brother Ben and friend Matt Damon.
Photos taken at the afterparty have been added to the [Premiers] photo section.
Happy Birthday to Casey Affleck! Casey turns 30 today.

Casey Starring with Brad Pitt: Confirmed that Casey will star opposite Brad Pitt
in a new film scheduled to begin August 29th of this year. A western entitled,
The Assassination of Jesse James. Casey will play Robert Ford, the coward made famous for shooting
Jesse James [played by Pitt] in the back.

Casey Siting: Casey attended a night-time screening of "The Wedding Crashers at Loews Boston Common.
Possible new film project: It's reported Casey to be joining actor Brad Pitt
in a new film scheduled to begin August 29th of this year. A western entitled,
The Assassination of Jesse James.

New Inlaws: Casey's brother Ben married girlfriend Jennifer Garner on Wednesday in a private ceramony. The two are also expecting a baby in November.
Casey is still currently filming "The Last Kiss", but was reported to have attended the ceramony. More news as it becomes available.

Editor's note: Many apollogies to all webguests. The site was undergoing some temporary technical problems and I was unable to update the TV schedule for June.
July's schedule will be updated.

New Film Project: Casey is filming a new movie entitled "The Last Kiss" in Quebec Canada. The film, which is slated for release sometime in 2006
also features Blythe Danner, Zach Braff (Scrubs), and Rachel Bilson (The O C). The premise of the film so far, "Anxieties threaten the future of a domesticated couple."
More news as it becomes available.

Boston Film Festival: Casey was a no show at the Boston Film Festival premier of his new film Lonesome Jim where a Q & A session occured there after. Steve Buscemi, James Strouse appeared onstage.
Casey's mother Chris Affleck was one of the guests in the crowd.

Casey Siting: Casey and Summer attended the birthday party of brother Ben's girlfriend, actress Jennifer Garner on Saturday, April 16th.
There was speculation that the party, held at Garner's Brentwood Ca. home was a secret wedding between her and boyfriend Ben.
The latter was to be a false rumor.

Lonesome Jim premiered at Sundance as well as the Philidelphia and Boston Film Festivals opening to rave reviews.
Photos of Casey at the Premier of the Sundance Festival for "Lonesome Jim", have been added to the Premiers section.

Ocean's Twelve is now out on DVD. There is an optional bonus dvd pack including the HBO "making of" segment and a few bonus features as well.
The single dvd is also available for those that don't want the bonus disk.

On a personal note: Many apologies to Casey and fans for the recent lack of updates to the site.
Due to a health scare, I had not been updating for a while. I will hopefully have things back on track soon -Webmaster

Ocean's Twelve #1: Ocean's Twelve debuted at number one at the box office grossing 40.9 million in it's first weekend out.

Twelve's predescessor, Ocean's Eleven grossed 38.1 in it's first weekend of release back in December of 2001.

Casey Attends Ocean's Twelve Premier: Photos of Casey on the red carpet at the premier of Ocean's Twelve have been added to the Premier section.

Casey's interview in Boston Magazine has been added along with the scanned photos from the issue. Also added, a red carpet interview as well.

Ocean's Twelve opens in theaters today....Go see it!

Magazine Alert: Casey's Boston Magazine cover shot is available here in the Miscellaneous section in a small preview form.
The full sized cover scan as well as the interview and other photos will be available here soon. The Boston Magazine issue with Casey on the cover is on newsstands in Boston and other available sources now.
Keep checking back with for the latest.

Casey cancels Letterman: Casey canceled his Late Show with David Letterman appearance last night. No word on why Casey backed out of the taped appearance that was to air
Thursday, December 2, 2004. This makes the second last minute cancelation of a scheduled talk show appearance in a row for Casey.
The first being an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno over a year ago to promote Gerry.

Also; Casey will be appearing for a cover spread in the new Boston Magazine. Keep an eye out for that. Included will be an interview where Casey
discusses among other things his sibling relationship with Ben.

Sundance Film Festival news: Casey's film "Lonesome Jim" directed by Steve Buscemi and co-starring Liv Tyler, has just been added to Sundance's line-up for 2005.
The film will compete for the coveted 'dramatic' film award at Sundance.

Stay with for all the latest as it becomes available.

PrimeTime Live: George Clooney, Matt Damon, Julia Roberts, Andy Garcia and others will be on ABC's PrimeTime Live airing December 2nd for an interview and a look behind the scenes
of the new film Ocean's Twelve. No word on whether Casey himself will take part in the interview portion of this show. But we will keep you posted here at

Another Casey Siting: Casey attended the final Yankees/Red Sox game at Yankee Stadium along with brother, Ben and friend Matt Damon.
The trio watched as the Red Sox beat the Yankees 10-3 putting them in the World Series and beating the infamous "Curse of the Bambino".

In other news, The new Ocean's Twelve trailer has been released. You can view the link in the Sounds section of the site.

Casey Siting: Casey, along with pal, Matt Damon were spotted attending the Red Sox / Yankees game last night at Yankee Stadium.

Side-note, Yankees beat the Sox 3-1....sorry Casey.

Casey joins Paul McCartney: Casey Affleck, along with other celebs rallied in support of Paul McCartney's
campagne to stop what he calls an "inhumane practice" towards poultry used to make foie gras.

California's state legislature last month approved a bill that would ban the sale and production of foie gras,
which is made from the liver of poultry that have been force-fed
to increase the size of their liver. The bill is now awaiting the signature of actor turned Governor
Arnold Schwarzenegger before being passed into law.

Happy Birthday Casey!: A very happy 29th Birthday to Casey today!

Also a very Happy Birthday to as well, as the site has just recently entered our second year entertaining and we hope, "informing" fans of Casey's outstanding movie career.
We hope to continue for many years to come.

Casey Secretly Married?: Joaquin Phoenix seems to think so, or so the London Free Press reports that's what Joaquin stated in his latest interviews promoting his new film "The Village". No confirmation was ever issued to date.
The new interview has been added to the site.

Casey Siting: Casey attended a recent Red Sox game along with brother Ben and pal Jason Mewes (aka Jay and Silent Bob's "Jay") Photo of that event will be added within the week.

Casey Siting: Casey attended the L.A. premier of buddy Matt Damon's The Bourne Supremacy with brother Ben. Photos of the event will be added to the Premier section later tonight. Also just recently, Ben got to visit with nephew "Indiana". Photos of that meeting will not be added.

Magazine Alert: Watch for another photo spread of Casey with his son "Indiana" in Woman's Day magazine.

Indiana August Affleck was born May 31, 2004 in Amsterdam, weighing 9 pounds, 3 oz.
For fans inquiring about photo's of baby "Affleck".... wont be adding any of those to the archives here unless it is a photo released by Casey or Summer. Any snapshots taken on the street by paparazzi, (whether carried by 'respectable' mainstream publications or not) in any attempt to endanger Casey and Summer's child's privacy....will NOT be added to this site.

For fans who would like to view images elsewhere, you can do so by picking up this week's issue of People magazine.
"I sincerely hope my decision on this matter as webmaster of this site doesn't inconvenience guests."~Webmaster

In other Casey news: Lemon Sky has just been released on VHS and DVD May 25th 2004. For those unfamiliar with "Lemon Sky", it was Casey's very first film debut. At the age of 13, he co-starred alongside Kevin Bacon and Keira Sedgewick.
A made-for-TV movie, it originally aired in 1988, and until now has NEVER been available to the public on any video format. We here at were lucky enough to come across a taped-from-television copy to include in the site's screen shots and audio clips. The old screenshots archived here will be replaced with the updated DVD versions later on this month.
You can use the links for any other films located in the Merchandise section to search for "Lemon Sky". When I get the cover artwork for the dvd/vhs, I will give it it's own image link in the store.

It's a Boy!: Congratulations to Casey and Summer who just became brand new parents in Europe. Fans can post their well wishes to the new parents in the Message Forum.

Casey's baby due any minute!: The Boston Herald reports Casey's mom, soon to be Grandma Chris, has just hopped a jet on her way to Amsterdam to be with Casey in time for the arrival of both his and Summer's baby son which the Herald states is, "due Any Minute Now". Filming for Ocean's Twelve still continues in Amsterdam, Rome, Paris and other European countries. No word on whether Casey has completed his scenes yet or if their is more work for him before returning home with his new family.

Release for Ocean's Twelve is still expected for December of this year.
The new poster for the film has just been added to the film's profile description as well as a new trailor-teaser preview has been added to the media files in the Sounds section..

Gerry Premiers on TV: Gerry will make it's television debut this May on the Sundance Film Channel. Casey is still filming Ocean's Twelve on location in Chicago. Some more new images of Casey and his most recent look are in the Candid's section, credited to

Casey Siting in Chicago: Filming has begun in Chicago for Ocean's Twelve. The Chicogo Sun Times reports that Casey is filming scenes for the Ocean's Twelve sequel at the L. Woods Tap & Pine Lodge restaurant in Lincolnwood.
"Virgil Malloy", Casey's returning character and half of the comical wheel-men team, the Malloy brothers is all set to get married when "Terry Benidict", [Andy Garcia] interrupts the wedding rehearsal dinner. No word on who the bride's character is played by...[though if I were casting, almost certainly and actress with the initials S. P. would spring to mind....]

Countdown to Ocean's Twelve: Filming expected to get underway in the next two weeks. Added a new photo of Casey on the set of "Lonesome Jim" to the Candids section. And more articles from Goshen Indiana. Stay with for all the latest.

'Jim' Filming Wrapping-Up in Goshen: Casey, Liv Tyler, Steve Buscemi and company are finishing up with the filming of Lonesome Jim in Elkhart County, Indiana. Shooting started a month ago with many local residents cast as extras in the film directed by Steve Buscemi, and written both by and about local native, Jim Strouse. Production is expected to wind up within the next week.

The next two projects on Casey's schedule is Ocean's Twelve, sequel to the hit Ocean's Eleven, filming in various parts of Europe, and ...."fatherhood", also expected to take place in Europe. Good Luck Casey!

On The Set In Goshen Indiana for "Lonesome Jim": eTruth news reports that the Farm Bureau Credit Union's main office was one of two filming locations in town for "Lonesome Jim" on Friday morning.
When filmmakers got set up around 7 a.m., they picked about 20 employees to be extras in the scene. The crew was at the office for more than two hours, including 45 minutes of filming, for the one-minute scene.

Then they headed down Lincoln Avenue to film a scene at the Elkhart County Jail. On Friday evening, some filming was done on Main Street downtown. For complete details on the filming, visit the Articles section for the eTruth stories.

Casey speaks out: Casey sent a letter March 3, 2004 to Mass. state Rep. William Greene and state Sen. Pamela Resor on behalf of PETA to encourage Massachusettes state lawmakers to vote down pending legislation that would repeal the state's current ban on leghold and body-gripping animal traps that threaten wildlife along rivers and streams.
Fans can view Casey's letter in the [Interview] section here at Thank you to both Casey's reps and Carrie Beckwith at PETA for supplying us with that.

Casey Siting: The New York Daily News reported Casey dined with friends Maggie Gyllenhaal, Peter Sarsgaard and Rain Phoenix at Mario Batali's resteraunt. (though Rain has at times been mistaken for Summer in the press and vise versa, they stated Rain Phoenix) In other news, The reports that the filming of Casey's new film, Lonesome Jim has been pushed back to March and will continue through April. The reason for this was stated by film-makers as having wanted a winter setting. No word on what effect if any the change may have on the filming of Ocean's Twelve which is still slated to begin in April.

We're Back!: Many apologies for the inconvenience this week by the site being down. I can assure you we haven't gone anywhere. The company that hosts our site, informed us that we had run out of bandwidth, meaning that the amount of megabytes of information being transfered to everyone's computers who were visiting the site exceeded the monthly limit our account was allowed to have. So as a result, many of you were recieving a message saying the daily file transfer amount had been used and to try back tomorrow. We have now switched to a more professional and expensive account to better serve all our guests' needs. I am currently working out the bugs, which I'm sorry to say, there are several. There are some links that are not going through, and some images may not be showing up on the main pages. Please be patient as I am working nonstop to correct the errors one by one. This may take a few days. Please delete your cookies and clear your temporary files and history folders regularly, as your
computers will store and remember the pages you visit and the new updated pages may not show up for you. So remember that. In Casey news: Casey is starting the filming of Lonesome Jim this month and will immediately go into Ocean's Twelve which is scheduled to film in Europe. So for this reason Casey may not be able to post as often in the message board, but you never know.

It's a Boy: Us Weekly is reporting that Casey and Summer are set to expect a "Boy" in May. Also in the news; Casey Answers Fans' Questions: A very sincere 'thank you' to Casey Affleck for taking the time to respond to fans personally in our message forum here at Also on a more personal note..... I, (the webmaster) would like to say Casey has proven also, to be a very "patient" man, and should be commended for that! "Sorry again for all the technical problems in the forum Casey" For those of you wanting to post questions to Casey, you may still do so, as Casey will be lurking from time to time. Please refer to the Posting Guidelines in the forum before posting.

Casey's Engaged: Casey and Summer Phoenix got engaged over the holidays. Casey reportedly gave Summer a ring he designed himself with 261 diaminds. No wedding date was given, but the couples first child will be due in May.

Casey Siting: Casey and a very pregnant Summer Phoenix attended the 69th Annual New York Film Critics Awards Circle dinner event last night on January 11. Casey also presented the award for Best Cinematography to Harris Savides, whom he worked with on Gerry. Photos of the arrivals as well as the event itself have been added to in the Candid Photos section.

New interview: Casey's new interview from the Improper Bostonian done on November 5th at the Farm Sanctuary Benefit in Boston Mass. has been added to the [Interviews] section here at Casey discusses his thoughts on acting and veganism, in his usual "mess with the interviewer" style. Enjoy.

Happy New Year! Tons of changes and updates for everyone. First off, Casey spent the Christmas in Boston with his mom amid the still circulating rumors (which according to the Boston Herald, have now been confirmed as true) he and Summer are indeed expecting. Casey will be featured in a one page article/interview in the new Dec-Jan issue of the Improper Bostonian, a magazine exclusive to the Boston area. We'll have it added here within the week.

Filming for "Lonesome Jim" is still expected to start next month with "Ocean's Twelve" delayed to start filming until April as a result of Brad Pitt's foot injury. Things are looking a little bit different for us here at now, with a new design, layout, and name. New buttons and banners will be available in the Links [Banners] section within the days to come, so anyone with a button or banner linked to can switch them out for the new [.com] ones, or you can simply keep the ones you have. The domain name will still be used as an URL address.

We've updated almost all our content pages here at from pictures and articles, to interviews and sound clips.
Leaving behind the neon pinks and shades of violet, we've opted for a more "professional" look for the site. With a quick scroll of the list on the left hand side of the site, you can preview the names of Casey's films, complete with dates airing for the current month. [For complete times and channels, visit "Airing This Month"] Casey News can now be viewed in a larger scrollbox conveniently located at the left-center of the page. Of course all older news can still be viewed in our News Archive. On a final note, Casey has already expressed his eagerness to start answering some of the posted questions in the Message Board, so if you fans have got anything for him, now is the time to get those questions posted.

Ben compliments Casey: During Ben's appearance on The View to promote his newest film, he shed some light on Casey's suggestion for exchanging Christmas gifts this year. Right before recalling Casey's suggestion to exchange gifts that are used or recycled this year, he stated to the audience that "My brother's a real down-to-earth guy". In other news, a belated Happy Birthday to Summer Phoenix who turned 26 on Dec.10th. And to all the fans, Happy Holidays from

New Look for We've got a new name and a new look for The site will now be known as, though will still be used as a domain address and linking url as well. The new design for the site is available to view in the Message Forum "General Casey Discussion" board. Vote in the included poll on which look you like better. In other Casey news, Though the New York Post is rumoring that Summer is pregnant, this should be looked at as merely "gossip". L.A. Weekly reports that Casey's political pick for the democratic nomination is Dennis Kucinich.

Ask Casey: Wanna talk to Casey? Here's your chance. The site has just added a new board to the message forum entitled "Ask Casey". Here, you can submit your own questions for Casey Affleck himself to answer. The [Ask Casey] board will be up for only a limited time, so register to get your question in today! After the board has plenty of questions, it will be locked and Casey himself will select questions at random and post them along with his own answers in his own board. Please use discression when posting your questions/comments. You may refer to the Posting Guidelines for assistance in using our forum. Remember, it's only up for a limited time.

Casey Siting: Fresh out of Boston, Casey and Summer appeared at the Maybach presentation Cocktail Reception held in the famed Guggenheim Museum, in New York City on November 6th. Photos have been added to the Candids section.

Casey in Boston: No, that's not Jason Lee, filming "Chasing Amy II". It's Casey Affleck, donned in a full beard and mustache at the Boston, South End, benefit for the Farm Sanctuary fund-raiser held on November 5th. Photos added to the Candid section-credited to FarmSanctuary. In other Site news, our new message forum is now up and running here at You will need to register using a valid email address but the registration process is quick and painless, and the new features will more than make up for any inconvinience. Oh, and one of those new features will be Casey himself. Appearing in the board from time to time, he'll answer questions and keep the fans informed on all his projects. Register today.

Casey Rocks The Vote: Casey appeared at the Democratic National Committee's "Rock The Vote" debate-watching party at the faux Cheers in Faneuil Hall on November 4th in Boston, Mass. Photo added to Candid Section. CNN aired the 90 minute debate from 7 to 8:30 PM Eastern, and simulcast on CNN radio.

Casey's PSA: Casey's 30-second public service announcement for factory farming awareness has been added here at in the Sound Clips section. You can also make donations to help Casey's cause for the Farm Sanctuary's in New York and California by clicking the banner at the top right of the main page of the site.

Casey helps the animals: Casey Affleck will be in Boston on Nov 5th to attend the Farm Sanctuary benefit fund-raiser held to raise money for the Sanctuary's new Emergency Rescue and Rehabilitation Centers in upstate New York. The event will take play Wednesday at a private home in the South End and is being hosted by the Sanctuary's founders, Gene and Lori Bauston. Tickets are $75 per person and can be purchased by calling 607-583-2225, ext. 222. You can also find out more by visiting and clicking on "Calendar" for more details. Casey has also recorded a 30-second PSA to raise awareness to factory farm cruelty.

New Movie for Casey: For those of you fans who voted in our poll that you'd like to see Casey starring in more movies....You got your wish! Casey is set to star in a brand new film, directed by actor Steven Buscemi. The film, titled "Lonesome Jim", is set to start filming in February of 2004. Also starring Liv Tyler, "Lonesome Jim" is about a man [Affleck] who moves back to Indiana to live with his parents after failing to make it on his own, and meets a woman [Tyler] in a bar, who's son starts treating him like a father. You can see the film's profile in the Titles & Descriptions section here as well as an article added to the Articles page.

Casey hunting in deep south?: Despite the New York Post's recent Page 6 article involving Casey purchasing a house in South Carolina and teaming up with Ben to purchase more land for a would-be "hunting lodge", has learned that this is untrue and if there is anything further on that story to report, we'll have an update. But for now, that story is NOT accurate.

Casey in Ocean's Twelve: Fox News confirmed in an article that Casey will return for Ocean's Twelve. While attending an after-party at the Maritime Hotel, Casey was asked about the constant media attention he and his brother have gotten in recent weeks. "It's like being on EdTV." Casey replied.

Casey's in Georgia: So says anyway. Casey has reportedly flown with Ben to his [Ben's] newly purchased estate there, after they both, along with Summer Phoenix attended a taping (though not as guests) of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno Monday, Sept 15th, to catch the musical performance of Leona Naess. Correction for the news article stating Ben and Casey went to Vegas during the weekend. Reports now say they did NOT go to Las Vegas, but remained in L.A..

The cover of Gerry: The DVD cover artwork for Gerry has just been released. You can see the image here in both the Miscelaneous and Gerry image pages as well as in an updated Gerry movie profile here at Thanks to Felicity, over at the Matt Damon Column for submitting the image. Also, "Summer wants kids" article from the WOKR13.TV site as well as the UK Elle magazine photo and interview/article added.

Casey Siting in Vegas: According to the Sunday Mail, Casey and Ben have gone to Las Vegas for the weekend. Some events going on in Sin City this weekend include Playboy's 50th anniversary celebrity-packed party at the Palms Hotel as well as the Oscar de la Hoya fight at the MGM Grand.

Casey Magazine Alert: Casey will be featured in this months September 2003 issue of the UK Elle. As soon as we get it, we'll have it along with the accompanying images in the site here. The article is titled "Stray Cat". Also we have just aquired the very revealing May Cosmo 2002 interview. You can see that in the 2002 collection of the Interview page, along with the picture.

Casey Siting in Beverly Hills: According to the New York Post, Casey was spotted Tuesday evening at the Four Season's bar in Beverly Hill's, writing his wedding toast for his brother's now postponed wedding. Not to undermine the Post's incredible flare for getting the story straight, (Goodness knows, they were right on the money when they said the wedding would be in Hawaii), but a less news-savy person might think Casey would've already had that speech written down. Our sources here, however, sent word that Summer performed with her sister Rain and her band The Paper Cranes on Tuesday night at Club Spaceland in Los Angeles.

Not the best man THIS weekend: Noted in a press release today, the Affleck wedding in which Casey was to be best man, was postponed. No word on whether the statement coming just days before the actual wedding was to take place in California is indeed "genuine" or just a last minute effort to "throw off" the world media, who have been lying in wait for the past month to cover the Hollywood nuptial event. According to the "Bennifer" reps, Casey will still get the chance to be best man, only at a later and "undisclosed" date.

Pre-order Gerry now: You can reserve your copy of Gerry, scheduled for release November 25, 2003 now through, & Both Amazon and CDNow are listed at $25.49 while is listed at $20.99 making that the Better Buy! Pre-order yours today!

Casey Sitings: Casey recently visited his mom August 23rd, at her Cape Cod summer home where he relaxed and hung out on the beach. In recent pictures from Star magazine he's also shown as having let his hair grow out somewhat again. Webmasters' note [We did not include that image in this site as we don't want to encourage the paparazzi's stalking of Casey, though fans may post it if they wish in the message board.] In other news: Casey is expected to be in California this weekend for Ben's wedding.

No World of Tomorrow: It's been confirmed to us by Casey's reps that he is NOT in The World of Tomorrow. The entire media community with the exception of and have been, and still continue to report false information on Casey's involvement in this film. On a personal note, this is the JOB of the media in Hollywood to confirm these things before fans like myself take it as fact, and when these media outlets don't correctly do their JOB, it makes me look stupid for covering what THEY initially report. So to the fans I apologise for the confusion as well to Casey and to Giovanni Ribisi (who took over the role when Casey could not) Anything you may read on Casey's appearing in "The World of Tomorrow", is NOT true. The page for that film has now been removed from the Titles&Descriptions page of, though I may keep the countless articles and incorrectly written interviews concerning Casey's role in this film to further embarrass the media in their blatant dissregard to do their jobs correctly.

A World Of Tomorrow Trilogy?: According to, "The World Of Tomorrow" Producer Aurelio De Laurentiis has given director Kerry Conran the greenlight to start writing the sequel. The film has also been reportedly pushed back from it's expected May 14th 2004 release date, with reports by Yahoo New's "Greg Dean Schmitz aka Greg's Previews" now claiming the film wont finish it's post-production stages until at least June 2004.

Christmas comes a month early for Casey & Matt fans: According to, the release of "Gerry" has been given a direct release date, November 25th 2003. In other news as of July this year Casey is no longer with Creative Artists Agency or CAA as it's also known. Casey has signed with United Talent Agency, or UTA now for representation in all areas. We have not gotten a direct confirmation from them as to whether they will be able or willing to forward any of Casey's fan mail directly to him, so for that reason the Contact information to write to Casey has not been updated here at with the new address for UTA. Also: Please refrain however from sending ANY correspondance to Casey Affleck at the old CAA address, as they do not represent him anymore and will more than likely toss out any and all fan-mail sent to him. As soon as can confirm that they will forward his male or can give us another address for that, I'll let you all know.

Casey Cut From "Tomorrow"?: In a bizarre new developement over at the site, Casey's name in the role of "Dex" for the upcoming "The World of Tomorrow" has been "replaced" with Giovanni Ribisi. Casey's IMDB file, as well as the file's for both Ribisi and the film itself have been altered with the new information. If you'll remember, Ribisi was originally cast in "The World of Tomorrow" but was unable to take the role and Affleck was later cast. As far as has learned, Casey HAS in fact shot the film and was last mentioned as doing so in the lastest issue of "Dazed & Confused" magazine. The interview for which can be read here [Interviews]. No word on whether the role of "Dex" was later "re-shot" with Ribisi taking over control of the character previously played by Affleck, or if this was indeed a "mistake" over at Also in other news, Casey's In The dark: A severe statewide power-outage has left Manhattan residents without power. Sources tell us, Casey and Summer have taken to
watching television by candle-light! Also in more news, Happy 31th Birthday to Ben Affleck from the folks at

Happy Birthday Casey!: wishes Casey a happy 28th Birthday today and many more to come!

Casey in Dazed & Confused: Casey is featured in the August 2003 issue of UK magazine Dazed & Confused where he talks about the film "Gerry" as well as his opinions on modern day filmmaking. The interview and the included two new photos can be found here in Interviews and Miscellaneous photos.

Casey passed on Jersey Girl: Director Kevin Smith stated in a reply to a posted message is his ViewAskew board that "I tried to give him a big role in "Jersey Girl", but he had something else to do". ALSO turns one year old today. We've been around for a whole year and hope to continue for years to come.

Gerry Delayed: Casey's film Gerry has been delayed in it's release on DVD and video. The film, starring Casey and Matt Damon was scheduled for release this August 2003, but has been pushed back to November 2003.

Casey ducks the press: Casey attended New York premier of best friend Joaquin Phoenix's new movie "Buffalo Soldiers" on July 21st but did not escort girlfriend Summer Phoenix into the event, nor was photographed attending the afterparty-dinner. Others who attended alongside Joaquin were mother Hart Phoenix, and sisters Rain and Summer. Some fan speculation has been that Casey chose not to respond to a possible press reaction to last week's public "Dateline" announcement by brother Ben of his being named "Best Man" at Ben's upcoming nuptials. In other Casey news: Casey has been named as having new management/representation by Variety. You can find the article here in

Casey in a summer blockbuster?: According to, The World of Tomorrow is scheduled for a June 2004 theatrical release, putting it right in the middle of Summer Movie season, a period reserved specially for potential blockbusters.

Casey makes the gossip page: New York Post's PageSix Colume reported that "Casey (brother of Ben) Affleck recently paid $350.00 for an at-home visit from a Fifth Avenue stylist who fixed his tousled hair just so"...Congratulations Casey! You've made the gossip pages! lol

Casey's Ocean's Twelve confirmation: While promoting the second season of "Project Greenlight" on a Dallas radio program with pal Ben Affleck, Matt Damon confirms he and Casey will return for the new Ocean's Twelve, which Matt also stated will begin shooting next Spring.

We wish to thank Casey: The Garment District issued a public "Thank You" to both Casey Affleck and Elle magazine for last month's mention in the May 2003 issue of Elle that featured a small bio on Casey where he named The Garment District as being one of his favorite places to buy vintage clothes.

Summer goes into business: Summer Phoenix opened her new fashion boutique titled "Some Odd Rubies" she co-owns with Odessa Whitmire (Matt Damon's girlfriend) and Ruby Canner (a childhood friend). Check out the New York Post article seen here, in [ARTICLES]

The World of Tomorrow Spoiler!: Aint It Cool News has uncovered a huge spoiler on Casey's new film project "The World Of Tomorrow". Chapter One of the script for the first fifteen minutes of the film entitled "Mechanical Monsters" has been typed out in great detail and can be viewed along with three images for the film in the Articles section. The images consist of a wardrobe rack shot, a photo of Gwenyth Paltrow and Jude Law in full character, and an old poster shot of The New York Fair.

Glamour Party: Casey attended Glamour magazine's annual "Fashion Don't Party" May 8th 2003. Guests were asked to arrive in their fashion "Don'ts" and bring a fashion "Do" outfit to be donated to Dress For Success, a non-profit organization which provides underprivileged women with clothing before entering the workplace. Newly cropped Casey arrived in a sweatshirt and jeans. Images were added to the Candid section here.

Casey Siting: Casey and Summer attended the wedding reception and vow renewal of friend Liv Tyler in New York April 25th. A photo of their arrival has been added to the Candid Images section.

Casey's involvement producing a sitcom: Live Planet's Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Sean Bailey, as well as Bulls Eye Entertainment's Tom Nunan, will executive produce the comedy "All Grown Up."
The Warner Bros. laffer, penned by Jay Lacopo ("I Killed My Lesbian Wife, Hung Her on a Meat Hook, and Now I Have a Three-Picture Deal at Disney"), focuses on lifelong friends who must adjust when two of them become parents.

Damon, Affleck, Bailey and Nunan will exec produce, along with Casey Affleck. Lacopo will be a producer.

Casey Movie News! Casey's new movie entitled "The World Of Tomorrow" is slated for release in 2004. The film, in production in London, is described as a "retro sci-fi" "Raiders Of The Lost Ark". Set at the turn of the 20th Century, the film's cast includes, Gwenyth Paltrow, Jude Law, and Angelina Jolie. Casey will play the role of "Dex", a tech genious and right hand man to Jude's pilot character. Reportedly the role was originally supposed to go to Giovanni Ribisi.

Casey will be featured in the March issues of In Touch Weekly as well as OceanDrive magazine. OceanDrive magazine will also feature a join interview with Matt Damon and a seperate interview with Gus Van Sant all of which can be read here.

Casey on the cover March NYLON: Check out this month's premiere issue of NYLON for guys, with Casey on the cover and featured inside with a photo spread and interview. If you can't wait, you can see the photos and read the interview here at

Weekend Totals for Gerry: "Gerry," the Gus Van Sant-directed movie starring Matt Damon and Casey Affleck, opened by ThinkFilm on two screens in New York and Los Angeles. The four-day total was an estimated $29,140, or $14,570 per screen. Also: According to, "Gerry" is expected for an for August 2003 release on Video/DVD. Join their "reminder" mailing list to stay on top of the release dates as they come in.

Affleck family mourns: Ben and Casey, along with the rest of the Affleck family are mourning the loss of Elizabeth (Roberts) Shaw who passed away at the age of 82, of congestive heart failure. She was Casey and Ben's grandmother on their mother's side. Elizabeth was a freelance writer and former director of public relations for both, New York City's Museum of Modern Art and later on, for Christie's Auction House.

Where's Casey Jay? Casey was a no-show for his Tonight Show appearance last night. There was no reason given for his cancellation and no date released as of yet for a re-scheduled appearance. Actor Matthew Broderick appeared instead. We'll keep you posted when and if Casey re-schedules.

Gerry premiere! Casey attended the New York premiere of his film "Gerry" last night along with Summer Phoenix and Gus Van Sant, while co-star Matt Damon was a no show. The Los Angeles premiere is still coming up.

Casey recently appeared at the Om Yoga Center on Broadway for the center's grand opening celebration and benefit for Tibetan Handicapped Children's Fund. Image from the event in Candid Photos.

Gerry Official Website up and running! Go to to see flash card, press kit, Gus Van Sant interview, photos, and production notes, as well as a virtual Casey you can move across the desert.

Casey lets his hair down! In a joint interview with Matt Damon on E! News Daily today, a rather long haired and pony-tail clad Casey talked of his film "Gerry" and director Gus Van Sant.

Gerry released Valentine's day! Casey's film Gerry will be out February 14th 2003, the same day as big brother Ben's DareDevil. Casey appeared on Entertainment Tonight today and will be a guest on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Feb 7th..Stay tuned to for more appearances on his promotional Gerry tour.

Casey on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno February 7th 2003!

Ocean's Twelve set to roll! George Clooney revealed at his recent red-carpet premiere that plans to start filming the sequel could begin as soon as next year. Although other reports have shooting beginning as soon as March of this year, one thing that's agreed on by all sources has been the movie's title...Ocean's Twelve.

Gerry trailor and movie poster released! The trailor has been added to the Downloads section. The new movie poster has now gone on sale. You can purchase it online at many different merchants, some of which are listed at

Casey cut from Jersey Girl! According to Casey has been removed from the cast list of upcoming Ben Affleck film "Jersey Girl". He was recently listed there as part of the cast of the Kevin Smith flick though his character was never named.

Casey in London: Casey, along with Summer Phoenix attended the 2002 British Independant Film Awards and the premiere of Movern Callar. Images have been included in the Premeire Photos and Candid Photos.

Casey Cameo in Jersey Girl: According to, Casey has been listed as part of the cast of the new Ben Affleck film "Jersey Girl". No name has been given for his role or the length of which he's appearing.

Gerry release date pushed back:
Casey and Matt Damon's new film Gerry, which debuted at the 2002 Sundance Fim Festival, and scheduled for release on October 18, 2002, has now been re-scheduled for Febuary 7, 2003.

Casey's night out:
Casey and Summer Phoenix along with pal Matt Damon caught the premiere of "Secretary" in New York on 9-18-02. The pair hung out at the after-party as well. Photo's were added to the Premiere Pictures.

Ocean's Eleven Sequel!
Ocean's Eleven director Steven Soderbergh is reuniting his all-star cast for the sequel to the hit heist caper - and he's taking them to Europe. George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts and Matt Damon are all in talks for the new installment, which will begin filming in 2004 if everything does to plan. Oscar winner Soderbergh wants to return to the Rat Pack remake, which grossed a massive $600 million worldwide after its release last year, because he's sure he can improve on his last effort. He says, "I know we can make a better film. I know we'll shoot in Europe and that all the actors are in on it."

Casey, Ben and Joaquin flee apartment fire!
Casey, along with Joaquin Phoenix were visiting brother Ben's Tribeca loft later in the evening when the building had to be evacuated because a fire had broken out in one of the apartments. (Not Ben's) Noone was hurt, but the trio along with J-Lo (Ben's significant whatever) were spotted sitting on the curb waiting to be let back up.

Casey teams up with old pals Matt Damon and Gus Van Sant once again for work on "Gerry", a film that he and Matt wrote together about two guys stranded in the desert. It premiered at this year's 2002 Sundance Film Festival to a crowd of movie goers that included big brother Ben and his girlfriend, Summer Phoenix.